Oh, Shiva


Oh, Shiva

How I wish to be like you

solid and eternal, still as the blue waters of the sea

and deep like the space between the stars in the sky


Oh, Shiva

How I wish to meditate like you

Sitting tall, and content

Immersed in the bliss of your own reality

Shiva and waves

When the ocean of samsar becomes too tangible

And the waves rush over my mind to pull me into worldiness

You make my mind still,  filled with your divine love

If I fall into despair through my own actions

By the thought of your name, I come back to balance


I feel my own being as shakti

In repose at the awe of your infinite goodness

As shakti in meditation on Shiva

I feel my being rest as potential energy in union with Shiva


The atoms of this reality pull apart

To reveal you, oh, Shiva, at the very core of each atom

And in every space in between

All become you, in repose with you


You are the ultimate guru

The guru of the guru

There is nothing greater than the guru

This is Shiva’s instruction


All comes from you

and all folds back into you

in the middle there is the love of god

what else is there to say?


You are all centers

And you are all spaces in between

There is no where that you do not exist

You are the greatest goodness

And you are that which is beyond all measure


What more is there to ask

Beyond falling in love with the depth of your bliss

The stillness of your peace

The unconditional love of your heart

And the eternity of your soul?

Lord Shiva
Lord Shiva

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